Moultonborough Women's Club


May Reminder

Greetings Ladies,

The snow is ALMOST gone now and May Day is just around the corner. We have ICE OUT – YAY!!

Our MWC Monday, May 6th meeting is coming quickly, so we need to make our reservations.


We gather at the Moultonborough Function Hall (aka Lions Club), check-in, and chat at 11:30AM, with lunch starting at 12:00PM.  The attached Attendance file lists those who signed up at the April meeting, but if you missed that meeting and are planning on attending - or you must change your plans, PLEASE contact Susan Doherty-Funke, Hospitality Co-Chair, to sign up.  We need to have an accurate number for lunch by this Saturday, April 27.  Car pool if you can since parking is an issue! And if you are parking, please park ANGLED-IN along the long driveway. Also, note that if you are planning to bring a guest or new member, let Susan know that, too, so the count is correct. AND, you probably want to bring your checkbook, as there are sign-ups that require checks at the meeting – see below.


Bill Gassman – Moultonborough Basin Water Quality

Our lakes are a such an important part of our lives here in Moultonborough and the surrounding towns.  Come hear Bill Gassman discuss the Moultonborough Basin Water Quality, a primary concern for protection of watershed resources.


  Littleton Second Chance Animal Rescue – SHOES & BOOTS!

This is it!  You’ve been saving up all your old shoes & boots, right?  NOW is the time to bring those in so Harriet can take them all up to Littleton.  The Second Chance Animal Rescue receives money for these – by the weight, so the heavier the better!  I have found it best to put both shoes into a bag (like a grocery bag) and tie it so the pair stays together. There is so much need in our community – any donation, large or small, is useful and appreciated.


LOTS of SIGN-UPS this Meeting!!!

There are SO MANY sign-ups at this meeting, I am listing them here, then you’ll find more details further on down in this email. WHEW!

  • June 1 Gala: Tickets, Silent Auction Donations, Wine Pull Donations, Food Preparation, Decorations Workshops
  • Adopt-a-Spot gardeners
  • June 3 Banquet Tickets
  • July 6 Bake Sale – sellers and bakers
  • Membership Dues for next year
  • Hospitality Month for next year
  • October Yard Sale


Our Biannual Gala is UPON US!!!  

This is our last meeting before the big date – Saturday, JUNE 1!  There are many opportunities to help with this wonderful event that earns so much for our Scholarship Fund (and a bit for the general fund). 

At the May meeting, you can still sign up to donate a basket or service for the Silent Auction(your own, group, or a few items) – see the file attached to fill it out before the meeting. There will also be some ideas for baskets at the meeting, in case you don’t have your own ideas.

The Wine Pull is a quick and easy way to take home a great bottle of wine from the Gala – but only IF we get wine donated NOW!  Please bring a bottle of wine worth at least $10 to the May meeting.  If you can’t get it to the May meeting, please get it to Deb Kumpf by May 15.

Decorations workshops have been progressing – there are still opportunities to be crafty!  Join us at the Lions Club next Tuesday, April 30 and Wednesday, May 1 at 1:00PM. 

Food Preparation has been scheduled for Friday, May 10 and Friday, May 24 at the Gilford Community Church.  Contact Eloise Post if you can make it!

Tickets will be sold at the May meeting -- $20 each.  Sign up for yourself or a group of friends!

Silent Auction We also have a group of people soliciting Silent Auction donations from our wonderful local businesses.  In order to not double-ask them, we are keeping a list of who will ask which business.  If you know of a business that you think might not be covered, let me (Deb) know and I’ll give you the right forms if no one is yet asking them.


Adopt-a-Spot Once again, we will be beautifying the garden area between the Library and the Town Hall.  We need some green (and brown) thumbs to do Spring cleanup on Friday, May 10 at 10:00 AM.  Contact Barb Koehler at the meeting.

June Banquet - We hope you will be able to attend our June 3rd meeting at Bald Peak. Once again, we are so lucky to have such a beautiful setting for our annual banquet this year. For our new members attending this banquet for the first time, we celebrate our past successes and induct our new slate of officers in a very special ceremony conducted by Dotti Simpson.  You can sign up for the banquet at May meeting or by sending your check to Susan Doherty-Funke (address in your handbook). Please pay by cash or check ($35 made payable to MWC). Reservations must be made no later than May 18th.  NOTE:  At the April meeting, our membership voted to use general MWC funds to offset the increase in the lunch cost of $3 per lunch so that your cost remains at $35, the same as the past 2 years. Menu: We will have a pear salad and either Amish Chicken or Lobster-stuffed Haddock.  You need to select when you pay for your seat.

Bake Sale – Saturday, July 6 - One of our traditional bake sales for the upcoming year will be held at the M'boro Library's Annual Summer Book Sale on Saturday July 6th.  (NOTE: This was listed as July 4 in the handbook, as the Library had not yet set their actual dates.) We will be signing up volunteers to work and bake at the May meeting. The Library – and all book shoppers – look forward to this sale, so let’s bake SO MUCH to satisfy all those sweet teeth!

Dues are Due! - It's that time of year when we collect dues for 2019 - 2020. If you didn’t do it at our April meeting, our ladies at the membership table will gladly take your check (in the amount of $30) for next year’s membership. We request that you please pay by check for bookkeeping purposes. (We MIGHT have a PayPal option available by the May meeting.) NOTE: If you won’t be here, please send your check for $30 payable to MWC to our PO Box 877, Center Harbor, NH 03226 address.

Hospitality – As you renew your membership, please sign up for your ONE month of hostessing next year.  We all love the goodies and need to do the table setup and cleanup!


THANK YOU ALL! for all the donations for the NH Veterans Sunshine Carts.  They DO welcome the travel sizes of toiletries, as well as full sizes. 


MWC Yard Sale – On Saturday, October 12 (yes, that is Columbus Day weekend – more customers!), we will have a Yard Sale to support the Scholarship Fund.   We will be holding it at the Moultonborough Central School in the Gym, with the Bake Sale in the hallway leading to the Gym.  As you do your spring cleaning, put those extra items aside that you want to sell!  If you have a craft and have items you want to sell, this will be a great venue too!  We are looking for 2-3 people to help Libby and Mary Lou Charron organize this, so please let them know if you would like to help.  And, if you would like to have a table, please SIGN UP at the May meeting for a table!  ALSO:  Don’t forget that this Yard Sale will include a JEWELRY SALE, so please be saving that jewelry so it can be cleaned and ‘recycled’ in the best way – money for the scholarships!!!

Ways & Means - As always, items are needed for our monthly raffles next year. Note that these items need to be CLEAN, useful household or accessory type items.  If you would like to donate baked goods, please email Karen Wright ahead of the meeting for planning purposes.

A note to ALL hostesses (that means ALL members!): It is important for you to attend the month OF your hostessing and also the month BEFORE your hostessing so that you can share the tablecloth-washing duties and arrange the theme and who will bring what.  If you cannot be, please make arrangements with another member to grab some tablecloths for you.  Also, remember that not every hostess has to bake – we can also use paper plates and napkins, or just buy baked goods.  It’s important to work that out at the short meeting at the end of the month BEFORE’s meeting. NOTE:  We will need the tablecloths to be washed NOW and returned in time for the June 1 Gala. Any help will be appreciated.

REMEMBER:  Be saving your:  jewelry & crafts (for the October Yard Sale); household or accessory goodies (for September coffee-can raffle & Ways and Means raffles)!

Hope to see you ALL on May 6!