Moultonborough Women's Club


November Reminder



11:30 am – Moultonborough Function Hall

The Moultonborough’s Women’s Club will abide by the CDC’s Mask Recommendations - a mask is not needed for the fully vaccinated. Please use your own discretion.

Please park diagonally along the driveway or in the street unless you have trouble walking.

Lunch will be served at noon, by Donna Crow, this month’s dinner is roasted turkey.

Did you know that, if enough food is available, you can take home a Senior Meal (the same food as our lunch) from our meeting?  We will have a separate sign-in book and money basket beyond the membership table.  Note that if you are taking a meal home for someone else (spouse, etc.), you need to write THEIR name in the book AND fill out a once-a-year form for them (Name, Address, Date of Birth) if they don’t have one already on file. The take-home meals are a bargain at $3.00 (each meal served costs Meals on Wheels $6-$10). You’ll need to sign up BEFORE we eat, as the workers will be filling the containers while we are eating.  They will then be available by the door for take-home after the meeting.  Deb Kumpf will be available this month to answer questions.

After lunch our speaker will be Susanne Chisholm from Chisholm, Persson & Ball, PC - Estate Planning.  

Our November charity will be Lakes Region Food Pantry.  Please bring your donations 

to our next meeting.  Food donations must not have expired.

After our speaker we will hold our November business meeting.  Look for an update on the holiday happenings.

Hope to see you on November 1.

Other Business:

Moultonborough Santa’s Fund - We are still waiting for information on MWC’s participation in the Santa Fund for 2021.  We will be participating in a Waypoint collection of toys and funds.


The MWC will once again participate in our local MVSB 2021 MITTEN TREE event.  This annual event is sponsored by the MVSB to collect hats, mittens and scarves for local children. Anyone who knits, crochets, or just feels like shopping and purchasing hats, mittens or scarves for children of all ages, is urged to participate!  


You provide your own yarn and talent.  NO WOOL, OR WOOL BLEND YARN, PLEASE!

Please attach sets or multiple items together (i.e. a set of mittens should be tied together; mittens should be attached to a hat or scarf in a set).  Please attach your items in a set together only using colorful ribbons - DO NOT USE ANY TYPE OF YARN. 

I will collect all your items in December to be distributed to local children.  

Any questions please contact me, JANET SCHURKO, by email or phone - no texts please.  My contact information is in our most current MWC handbook.  My email address has changed, so please use the most current handbook.

Thank you for your participation!  Janet Schurko