Moultonborough Women's Club


MWC Hospitality Committee

Each month a Hostess and her Committee are listed in the Yearbook.  

They are responsible for the following:

  • The Committee will meet after the current meeting to plan the dessert menu for the following monthly meeting. For those who are not in attendance, emails may be helpful to communicate. Be sure to contact all the people on your committee.

  • The Committee should arrive at 10:00 to set up tables. Check with Hospitality Chair for table and chair arrangement. The tables should be set with white tablecloths, napkins and silverware. Silverware should be obtained from the kitchen at 10:30 while Donna?s crew are at lunch. If you have not done this before, ask the Hospitality Chair to show you.  Place new trash bags in two of the trash cans. One trash can should be placed at the serving table and the other at the tea table. All other trash cans should be placed in the back room or trash is placed in them without trash bags.

  • The Committee is responsible for decorations for the tables and any specialty items, such as fancy napkins. There is a punch bowl in the closet if you choose to serve a punch. Let the Hospitality Chair know beforehand if you are going to serve punch.

  • Plastic forks and spoons should be put out with the desserts. Before the meeting begins kitchen silverware should be put in the tub provided from the kitchen.  

  • After the meeting is over and all trash (including coffee grinds) has been collected, place tied trash bags in the dumpster out back. The Key to the dumpster is hanging on the wall in the kitchen and has a large wooden keychain. The dumpster is not locked in the winter. Please return tables and chairs where they were originally. Five rows of tables and six chairs on each side.

  • At the end of the meeting, give the tablecloths to the Hostess Committee for next month so that they can be laundered and brought to the next meeting.


If you have any questions please contact 

Susan Doherty-Funke

MWC Hospitality Co-Chair