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MWC Holiday Donations Details - by Amy Corston

Posted on November 15, 2020 at 4:25 PM

Hello Ladies,


Or should I say Season’s Greetings?? I can hardly believe it (wasn’t Halloween only about a week ago??) but here we are, planning our MWC Holiday giving for 2020.


Unfortunately, since we can’t meet due to COVID, the Moultonborough Santa Fund Committee decided to ask the Women’s Club to participate a little differently this year in bringing the joy of the season to our local kids in need. In lieu of purchasing physical gifts this year, we need to participate by making monetary donations and the Committee will do the actual toy shopping according to the children's wish lists received.


Monetary donations should be in the form of a check written to:


“The Children's Christmas Trust”and mailed to the " The Children's Christmas Trust"c/o Moultonborough Public Library, PO Box 150, Moultonborough, NH 03254. Please include a note in the envelope with your check stating that you are from the Moultonborough Women's Club and your donation is for TOYS for the Moultonborough children. These donations need to be received by November 20.


If anyone has questions please email or call Janet Schurko. Please do not text as she can't receive them.


Here’s another reason to get in touch with Janet! If anyone is knitting or crocheting, or willing to contribute store-bought hats, mittens or scarves this year for the Meredith Village Savings Bank MITTEN TREE, please email Janet and let her know. We also need to donate some of those hats, mittens or scarves directly to the Santa Fund Committee to put with the coats and boots that the Committee buys for the kids. Anyone interested in this should email her, as well.


If you really like to shop for kids presents, don’t worry!!! We have an opportunity to do that, too! As in years past, we are also supporting Waypoint in Laconia and there are 18 kids who need us this year. You can buy specific things based on suggestions from the Parent Aid Director at Waypoint or you can buy gift cards for the older kids or for the parents to use to buy gifts for their kids.


According to the Director, in the past they have found gift cards (Wal-mart, TJ Maxx, Tangier Outlet or Dollar General) to be most helpful.for the older teenagers. Also, makeup, beauty products etc for them. The younger kids are easier...diaper and wipes and toiletries are always needed. Warm clothes, hats, mittens etc. Toys are always a welcome gift as they don't usually have many of things due to prior homelessness and DCYF removal. Legos, play dough, remote controls, games, etc are good for the middle age kids. They also play with Paw patrol, Ryan’s world, Lego kits for older and younger kids, Frozen princesses, dirt bikes, motor cross, hot wheels, craft kits, Toddlers are easy as they like any toy on the market.


Last Name A-D - 6 kids ages 10-17 including 3 boys ages 10 and 11, a 16 yr old girl and a 17 year old boy and girl;



Last Name E-L - 6 kids ages 4 -8 years including a 4 yr old girl, 5 yr old girl & boy, 6 yr old boy and girl and an 8 yr old boy;



Last Name M-Z - 6 kids newborn – 3 years old including 2 kids under age 1, a 2 yr old boy and a 3 yr old boy and girl



You can decide to buy gift cards, clothes or toys based on the suggestions, as you wish. Nothing should be wrapped but including wrapping materials would be wonderful. Deb Kumpf and Pam King have generously offered to be the drop-off points for our donations and the gifts need to be received by whomever is more convenient for you by December 8.



I hope this gives everybody plenty of options to give because there is so much need! Happy shopping ��


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