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Making Strides 2020 - by Leslie Angelo

Posted on October 27, 2020 at 3:45 PM

Sunday, October 18th the Moultonborough Women’s Club continued their annual participation in the Lakes Region Making Strides Walk Against Breast Cancer. With the challenges and changes caused by COVID-19, the ladies elected to walk at the Loon Center in Moultonborough. Thank you to Nancy McDonough and Deb Kumpf for organizing the day and a shout out to all our ladies who participated in the American Cancer Society event.


2020 a Year of Tremendous Adjustment - by Leslie Angelo

Posted on October 27, 2020 at 3:40 PM

2020 has been a year of tremendous adjustment. Our daily lives have been interrupted; our very existence being affected by unprecedented change. Relationships with friends and family have been tested with overwhelming separation or, in other cases, too much togetherness. It has been a year of reflection and a struggle to accept a new way of “doing life.”

2020 has also been a year of loss. The members of the Moultonborough Women’s Club are deeply saddened by the recent loss of our friend Mildred Toczko. Mil was the 2019 recipient of our “Outstanding Woman of the Year” award. Having been a member of the MWC for over twenty years, she held the positions of President and Vice President as well as serving on the Scholarship Committee which is a core mission of our club. More recently as our Club Historian, she was key in arranging the MWC display at the MoultonboroughHistorical Society. As our publicist, Mil was a weekly contributor to local newspapers and ensured that the community heard all about the club’s happenings. Mil was a true volunteer and showed her willingness to serve at our many fundraising events. Her enthusiasm and devotion will be missed.

Not unlike other charitable organizations, the MoultonboroughWomen’s Club has been affected by the current COVID 19 pandemic. Our usual election day bake sales have been suspended. These bake sales have been an integral source of revenue for our Scholarship Program which has supportedMoultonborough students since 1960.

The MWC Scholarship Fund Donation Box will be available for your donations at the November 3rd election as you are exiting the building. The Moultonborough community hasbeen consistently generous in its giving and we hope that this will continue as the students need our help more than ever. All monies collected go directly to the Scholarship Fund. If you are voting by absentee ballot, you can still help by contributingthrough our website and click the Donate button to use PayPal or you can send a check to the Moultonborough Women’s Club, PO BOX 877 Center Harbor, NH 03226. We deeply appreciate your continued generosity to the Scholarship Fund! 

What's New at Women's Club - by Mil Toczko

Posted on July 7, 2020 at 8:20 AM

Well, actually not much going on at the Moultonborough Women’s Club due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. In the past, July’s yearly bake sale has always been a good, successful way to earn money for our scholarship fund. Not being able to congregate this summer, an enthusiastic committee thought of a “Calorie Free” bake sale through July 31, which is virtually no baked goods, just generous donations to add to our fund. We were able to award $7,000 in June in scholarships to 4 Moultonborough students., which depleted our coffers. This is a most difficult time to have a fund raiser. MWC President Amy Corston keeps all in touch with news and holds a Zoom board meeting once a month. The community can help by going to the following link- https/ If your able, please send a check to the Moultonborough Women’s Club, P O Box 877, at Center Harbor, NH 03226. Yes, it’s Center Harbor. The community has always been supportive and most generous over the years and is greatly appreciated by MWC.

Women's Club Calorie free bake sale - by Mil Toczko

Posted on June 13, 2020 at 7:35 AM

The current COVID19 pandemic has impacted so many organizations in various ways. The Moultonborough Women’s Club is no exception. One of our key focus areas is providing scholarships to Moultonborough students. Just recently we awarded $7000 to students bringing our scholarship awards over time to over $197,350!  

Traditionally we raise the majority of our funds through the much-anticipated bake sales in which the Club members bake an amazing assortment of wonderful baked goods and the community responds by enjoying these treats and being extremely generous. Unfortunately, since the Moultonborough Library will not be holding their annual book sale we are unable to have our typical July bake sale. We will instead have a Calorie Free Bake Sale through July 31. What does that mean? The community can generously donate to the Club’s Scholarship Fund and it’s all calorie free!


How can you help? You can go to the following link - https:/ or send a check to the Moultonborough Women’s Club PO Box 877, Center Harbor, NH 03226 or send an email to Our community has been so supportive over time of all of our efforts, especially the Scholarship Fund, and we appreciate your continued generosity!

Women's Club to Award 4 Scholarships Virtually - by Mil Toczko

Posted on May 22, 2020 at 9:40 AM

President Amy Corston of the Moultonborough Women’s Club was very happy to announce the following students have been selected to receive scholarships for the 20-21 college year.  Recipients are:

Noah Robinson $2,000, Katie Duddy $2,000, Charles Anderson $2,000 and Allison Taylor $1,000.

They will be presented their scholarships by the principal Mr. Coppinger during a virtual presentation the week of June 1st. This is the very first time MWC has used a scholarship virtual presentation. Because of Covid-19 and social distancing a group photo may not be taken for some time. This year the $7,000, awarded brings the total donated throughout the years to $197,350. This was made possible by several bake sales, sandwich sale, yard sales, and galas with silent auctions and many diverse ways to raise funds. The hard working members on the Scholarship Committee are: Co-chairs Mary Lou Charron and Donna Conway, with outstanding help from: Judy Ballard, Jean Beadle, Sue Noyes , Louise O’Donald, Barbara Palmer, Libby Reichlen, Dotti Simpson and Mary Whiting.

Now with Covid-19 it's most difficult to raise money. We are not able to have gatherings. We had several big things planned in the wings and had to abolish the planning and execution. Everything is at a standstill. Only time and the future will tell.