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Great snowshoeing this year - by Mil Toczko

Posted on March 21, 2019 at 2:05 PM

Members of the Moultonborough Women’s Club enjoy snowshoeing at the Castle in the Clouds.  In the background, you can see Lake Winnepesaukee’s ice covered with snow.

Busy week for Women's Club - by Mil Toczko

Posted on March 21, 2019 at 1:35 PM

MWC Bake Sale Workers: Harriet Bicksler, Amy Corston, Barbara Palmer, Sharon Paton and scholarship organizer Mary Lou Charron.

One of the busiest weeks of the year for the Moultonborough Women’s Club and they handled it beautifully. These ladies have the know how , great teamwork and enthusiastic volunteers to tackle just about any event. Moultonborough held Election Day on Tuesday, March 12, and club members got busy baking. Food arrived throughout the day. Our men love pies and they were in great demand. Bicksler arrived early to bake cinnamon rolls right there that filled the air with tempting aromas to entice voters. What could be better on a chilled morning? A huge assortment of cakes, cookies and all the favorites were to be had. Because of the generosity of the community, enough was sold to be able to fill the scholarship coffers for at lest one more $1,000 scholarship.

Then Saturday arrived. Susan Dougherty-Funke, Harriet Bicksler and Dotti Simpson had everything ready. Washed fruit, sealed cookies in plastic. Got donations from Market Basket, Heath’s, Hannaford’s and BJ’s. We thank these generous businesses for their contributions each year. Couldn’t do it without them. Then there’s the volunteers who make the delicious variety of sandwiches, and there was quite an assortment. Something for everyone. The Town Meeting had a bigger crowd than usual and MWC sold out in no time, even though made over 200 sandwiches.

Once again because of this successful day another $1,000 scholarship will be available come June. That makes two scholarships in one week. Fantastic. The Moultonborough Women’s Club sincerely "thank all” who helped with contributions, the workers, the bakers, the sandwich makers, and mostly, the genera public. The Moultonnborough town is full of generous, appreciative people and it shows.

"Thank you” Moultonborough… your the best!

Women's Club Hosts Hermit Woods Winery - by Mil Toczko

Posted on March 8, 2019 at 10:20 AM

Program chair Marlene Taussig, Hermit Woods Winery partner Bob Manley and MWC President Deb Kumpf

It snowed during the night before but didn’t intefere with the Moultonborough Women’s Club meeting on March 4th, with 56 in attendance.  Program chair Marlene Taussig introduced Bob Manley part owner of Hermit Woods Winery in Meredith. Bob, a very friendly, charming fellow entertained by relaying the beginning of planting a vineyard in Sanbornton, using hybrid grapes with local grapes. Many lessons were learned and that property was sold to concentrate on their new winery. Bob’s story of getting started was humorous, interesting and informative, We’re very lucky to have a small boutique winery, cider, meadowy and deli right in downtown Meredith to enjoy and learn more about wines, which are made from local fruits. In 2017, Food & Wine Magazine named Hermit Woods Winery one of the “500 Best Wineries in America”. Wow, quite an accomplishment for a new winery. Hearing about our upcoming gala, Bob was generous with a donaton to the cause. The Q & A time was vigorous.

Hospitality Susan Doherty-Funke arranged earlier to have Chef Donna Grow cater a corned beef luncheon, which turned out very succulent. Donna trains her staff in the correct culinary ways and it shows.  Dessert hostesses are very important to our meeting. This group not only bakes delicious desserts but also decorates the dining tables and each month it’s a different theme. March is devoted to St. Patrick’s day and regardless of our names, we’re all Irish. That was prominent with most members wearing green and bright green shamrocks were everywhere. Ladies responsible for decadent treats were: Sherry Weene, Betsy Merkle, Pamela King, Julie Osgood, Carol Austin, Diane Hayes, Mary Dominguez, Sue Reepmeyer and Susan Doherty-Funke on coffee.  Mary Lou Charron and Scholarship committee are working hard signing up bakers; getting ready for the Election Day Bake Sale to be held on Tuesday at the Moultonborough Life Saving Building. That same week another group with Harriet Bicksler, Susan Doherty-Funke and Dotti Simpson are organizing the big Lunch Bag sale for voters on Saturday, March 16 at the Academy. This is a convenience for voters to be able to obtain their lunch without leaving the building.


The nominating committee has been searching to add new names to several positions that will soon be available. Marlene Taussig, Pam Toczko and Sue Reepmeyer took on this important job and will announce the names of those who are willing to serve and a vote will be taken.

President Deb Kumpf was thrilled with all the donations brought by volunteers for the NH Humane Society. Deb designates a charity each month. Members can give to any charity they prefer or not give at all. It is all volunteered, not required.  The only requirement we have is to serve once a year on the hostess committee. Ladies seem to enjoy this duty and make long lasting friendships.

Upcoming Events - by Mil Toczko

Posted on March 8, 2019 at 10:15 AM

Sandwich Sale at Moultonborough Town Meeting The Moultonborough Women’s Club will offer a Bag lunch for $5.00 to make it convenient for voters to have lunch in the Academy cafeteria. Without having to leave the premises, a good variety of sandwiches will be had, which includes:  either an apple or orange, potato chips, and a cookie. Crystal Geyser will donate a free bottle of water to all.

Best Cook Remembered - by Mil Toczko

Posted on January 13, 2019 at 11:50 AM

The Moultonborough Women’s Club shows appreciation to much admired Chef Donna Grow

Once a year, the Moultonborough Women’s Club remembers to present Chef Donna Grow with either gift certificates or a monetary gift for the outstanding meals she and her ever talented, well trained culinary team that prepares delightful, nutrition, meals whenever MWC has a meeting at the Moultonborough Function Hall. We know how very lucky we are to have such a devoted, well known chef among our midst and this is but a small way to show our appreciation. Thank you Donna for your hard work that results in great planned meals. Your the BEST!