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Geneva Point Welcomes Women's Club - by Mil Toczko

Posted on September 13, 2019 at 2:35 PM

It has been traditional for the Moultonborough Women’s Club to begin its season by going to Geneva Point for their first meeting each year. It all began by having picnics, then using their old barn for meetings and now since they built a new community center, we’ve been able to meet in fine style. It happened about 24 years ago around 1995. Nancy Depuy’s husband Bill, a school bus driver was able to load the bus with MWC members to transport them to Geneva Point. Then in 2003 Gloria Cleary introduced the Coffee Can Auction, which is still very popular with today’s members. Karen Wright, Rose Kennedy, Sally Burgeson and Pat Keegan have been running this event for many years now and doing a splendid job. They had 6 long tables with lovely, items on display. Members took their time in circling the tables so not to miss anything.

60 members attended and we welcomed Donna Durante as a new member plus had 4 guests:Marti Goetz, Michelle Gasbarro, Betsy McQuigan and Linda Seiler. Members were very happy to re-convene and catch up during the summer respite. Because of unusual circumstances President Amy Corston was unable to attend so former President Deb Kumpf presided in the meeting. Hospitality chair Susan Doherty-Funke had a terrific committee, who had several tables laden with wonderful, tempting goodies. Jeannine Royer, our in-house decorator, did a splendid job with fall decorations. She was also prepared to announce September birthdays.

This is a very busy time, with a lot coming up. Our next event is the New Member Tea, followed by our October meeting. Then on Columbus day Oct. 12, off we go to the Moultonborough Central School for a Yard Sale in conjunction with a jewelry sale, and a bake sale. Great stuff here, don’t miss it.

A Busy Season Begins For Moultonborough Women's Club - by Mil Toczko

Posted on August 30, 2019 at 10:40 AM

We had more than enough rain during spring. We rejoiced when finally a wonderful summer arrived, with all sorts of water activity to enjoy. That reprise passed too quickly, and voila, it’s September. The Moultonborough Women’s Club begins Monday, Sept 9, at 11:30, at the lovely grounds of Geneva Point. Vice President Trish Martin-Wallace will officiate with the usual, ever popular Coffee Can Auction. This activity was introduced by past President, Gloria Cleary in 2003 and held every September since. Ways and Means Chair Karen Wright will conduct the fun auction with assistance from Rose Kennedy and Sally Burgeson. Members are asked to bring good, worthwhile items to the auction and also a box lunch. Drinks and dessert will be provided by hospitality. It would make it easier to bring your cancer donation to this meeting.

Visiting Geneva Point in September goes way back to almost 25 years. Back then the club would picnic there and later used the old barn for our meeting, but there were no toilets . Then GP up dated and built the new community center with new rest rooms which made it far easier. MWC seems to never stop. The June banquet finalizes the season but much still goes on such as: the July bake sale, where MaryLou Charron and committee did a fantastic job. Then, Leslie Ann Angelo, Carol Bamberry, Barb Koehler and Suzanne Knapik updated our membership with new booklets that will be available at the first meeting. Our 70th club anniversary is coming up, so Harriet Bicksler and committee got busy with plans.

Coming up: Sept. 16, New Member Tea hosted by Christine Wright, Oct 6, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer lead by Nancy McDonough, Oct 12, Libby Reichlen will run Yard Sale at the Central School, which will include a bake sale and the sought after jewelry sale.

What is the Moultonborough Women's Club? by Mil Toczko

Posted on August 27, 2019 at 9:20 AM

Just what is the Moultonborough Women’s Club and what do they do? These questions are often asked of officers and members. It will be almost 70 years since this club originated by a handful of energetic, full of goodwill women, who organized to improve social development and unite to become a power to do good in our community. The purpose of this service cub is to promote civic, educational and social activities. Presently we have about 115 members who are active in raising funds and always welcome new members. Throughout the year awarding scholarships and contributing to various charitable agencies in the area have been their pet project.

The very first financial help wasn’t a scholarship but a loan of $50 to a needy student. Seeing the need was the catalyst to work on scholarships. Researching scholarships since the very beginning was a tedious job. No computers back then; secretaries and treasurers reports were in long hand. The research completed by our Historian added up a surprising, amazing amount awarded to local students, which began around 1960, totaled $190,350 in scholarships. Imagine this gigantic amount was done mainly by bake sales and raising money by having a large social event each year. In today’s dollars, based on US CPI data, the total scholarship awards would be $306,381.

MWC has been most charitable to the American Cancer Society in their annually “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” walks. For the past 23 years we have participated in this activity. MWC members get sponsors for the walks held at Opechee Park in Laconia. Again, our Historian researched to see just how much MWC has awarded the American Cancer Society and to date the surprising total is $129,846. MWC also awards to local charitable institutions $1500 each year, giving certain charities a boost. We have helped to beautify the community of Moultonborough by planting flowers, presenting flags and flagpoles in certain areas and in cleaning unsightly areas where junked cars were being stored. MWC has sponsored sport teams, supplied musical instruments and playground equipment.

It’s not all work and no play. Every fall, we have a “New Member Tea” to get to know one another. Our members come from many different states, making a diverse, interesting group. We’ve had many unique social events where dinner, dancing is involved. Eight of our meetings are held at the Moultonborough Function Hall, formerly known as the Lions Club, where we enjoy delightful epicurean luncheons before our speaker and meeting. Our first meeting is held at Geneva Point for our Coffee Can Auction and our last meeting of the season is held at some restaurant for our Banquet. Guests are always welcome, so please feel free to join us.

One Hot Bake Sale for MWC - by Mil Toczko

Posted on July 14, 2019 at 9:15 AM


The Moultonborough Women’s Club experienced one of the hottest days of the summer with a 90 degrees temperature for their bake sale held on Moultonborough Public Library grounds on Saturday, July 6. Thank goodness the baked goods sold out by 2:00 with successful results. Early birds got the choicest picks with the scrumptious goodies the members baked as well as first choice in the MPL gigantic book sale. Chair Mary Lou Charron with Julie Osgood, Wilda Elliot and Diane Hayes worked the morning shift and were relieved by Janet Moe, Nancy McDonough and Barb Koehler. Members brought in delicious tempting treats, something for everyone to enjoy. The usual huge assortment of cookies, brownies were on hand and some patriotic decorated cakes and cupcakes. Needless to say, pies disappear as soon as they arrive; always a best seller.

This past June, MWC awarded $8,000 to local students and now we start to refill our coffers for next season of awards. Today colleges are far too expensive for typical families; seeing the need, scholarships became the ideal solution to plan, work to aid not only high school students but also help those wanting to continue with education. MWC members are dedicated to this good cause and devote much of their time with bake sales being a successful way to raise funds. We give sincere thanks to the community because they also play an integral part with their generosity in this endeavor. Plus a huge thanks to the Moultonborough Public Library, who share their grounds and offer aid whenever possible.

Women's Club Awards $8,000 in scholarships - by Mil Toczko

Posted on June 11, 2019 at 10:55 AM

Scholarship chair Marylou Charron, Recipients: Cassidy Sturgeon, Grace Blacadar, Elizabeth Murphy, Kate Duois, cochair Donna Conway

The Moultonborough Women’s Club awarded $8,000 in scholarships to four hard working Moultonborough Academy students. This happens to be the club’s pet passion and has been doing this since 1960, when they saw the need. It all began by holding bake sales at every election and then sandwich sales, which added to the fund. Besides bake sales, one large social event is held each year for a fund raiser. Research and keeping records show the total MWC has awarded an astonishing $192,350 since 1960. Seniors and their families gathered at Geneva Point Center for the annual Senior/Parent Banquet where students were presented the scholarships.