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Women's Club to Host Photographer - by Mil Toczko

Posted on January 28, 2017 at 10:55 AM

Photographer Becky Field reads to little friends.

Secretary Sue Reepmeyer of the Moultonborough Women's Club is pleased to announce that on Monday, February 6, well known photographer Becky Field will speak to members on "Different Roots". This event will take place at the Lions Hall with a social beginning at 11:30 and promises to be a most interesting topic.

Photographer Becky Field documents cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity in New Hampshire. Her photographs of immigrants and refugees have been displayed at conferences and exhibits. In 2013, her portrait of a New Hampshire girl from Somalia won a contest in a professional photography magazine. Becky holds a Certificate in Photography from the New Hampshire Institute of Art. She has also studied at Maine Media Workshops, Center for Photography at Woodstock, and the Photographic Resource Center. In 2013 she attended a workshop in India with a small group of international photographers, led by John Isaac, former Chief of the Photo Unit at the United Nations. She is a member of the New Hampshire Society of Photographic Artists and Professional Photographers of America. In past work, Becky was communications director with the American Red Cross in New Hampshire. Before that, she was a wildlife research ecologist with the U.S. Department of the Interior and a university faculty member. Becky has a doctoral degree in wildlife ecology.

Hospitality Chair Tricia Martin Wallace has made arrangements with well known Chef Donna Grow to prepare a luncheon of savory chicken pot pie. One can always depend on Donna and her culinary preparation team to havedelicious simply good food. February hostesses to top off the meal with sweet rewards are: Sharon Paton, Diane Schneider, Pam Toczko, Paula Young, Nancy Zeloski, Cheryl Kahn and Cathy Irving.

President Harriet Bicksler has announced that the time has come for a Nominating Committee to begin a search to fill officer seats that will soon be vacant. She has appointed one, the board has appointed another and the third will be by the membership at this Feb. meeting. She has also designated Lakes Region Food Pantry for charity of the month, as non-perishable food from pantry shelves need replacement.

Because of snow last month, parking was tight. Since, the town has plowed the snow back further onto the grass area to make parking more available, which should be a help.

Great 2017 beginning for MWC - by Mil Toczko

Posted on January 13, 2017 at 2:55 PM

MWC Program Chair Jill Alexander with Speaker Lisa Simpson Lutts

January 9, 2017, was quite a cold day with a freezing temperature in the teens but that didn't stop 57 members of the Moultonborough Women's Club from attending and also brought out guests Lillian Aldridge and Debbie Plimmer.  Program chair Jill Alexander had been in touch with well known speaker Lisa Simpson Lutts and arrangements were made for an appearance to speak to the MWC on Victory Gardens during WWll. Besides knowing the history of the victory gardens and the complicated system of rationing, cooking and canning 75 years ago; Ms Lutts has been director of the New Hampshire Boat Museum since 2011. She has more than 30 years of experience working in history and art museums. Her personal passion is heritage cooking and gave a slide show on the gardens and how women learned how to can the harvest bounties to augment food shortages. An interesting Q & A took place with a few members remembering that time as children.

Hospitality chair Tricia Martin Wallace had made earlier arrangements with Chef Donna Grow and her well trained staff to serve a delicious roast pork dinner with all the delicious accouterments to be served promptly at noon. Donna never fails and is always on time. January hostesses: Sue Knapik, Mal Merrill, Sue Reepmeyer, Diana Levy, Joanne Wilhelm, Mary Fowler Huston and Deb Kumpf arrived early to set up, decorate and provide the appreciated lucious desserts. Members love grazing the dessert table laden with scrumptious, mouth watering treats. This month it was an inviting starfruit salad, gluten free 7 layer cake, chocolate peppermint brownies, strawberry cheesecake, delicious hummingbird cake, raspberry squares, cranberry squares, tempting Swedish rolls, cookies included: Peanut butter, oatmeal raisin,snickerdoodles and lovely maple florentines. Special thanks to Sue Knapik for making individual pine branch and twig centerpieces for each table. Another special thanks goes to Janet Schurko, who wrote out over 100 Christmas cards and delivered them personally to the rest home in Ossipee. Accolades to Jeannine Royer for remembering the birthday ladies each month. Everyone enjoys seeing the table decorated for birthdays each month.

President Harriet Bicksler was pleased to see all the donations of personal items brought to help women at Starting Point, who provide services for victims of domestic and sexual violence. Bicksler called on Deb Kumph to explainher duties as Vice President. Deb will go on to the presidency next fall and her office will need to be filled. Soon, a Nominating Committee will begin a search for new officers.

Women's Club Learn about Victory Gardens - by Mil Toczko

Posted on December 29, 2016 at 2:35 PM

The Moultonborough Women's Club will begin the New Year on Monday, January 9, at the Lions Hall on Old Rt 109S, with social time starting at 11:30. Jill Alexander has engaged and will introduce Lisa Simpson Lutts, executive director of the New Hampshire Boat Museum and World War II Victory Gardens. We will learn about the importance of Victory Gardens and how they supplemented the food supply, the complicated system of rationing and cooking during World War II. Ms Lutts has been director of the New Hampshire Boat Museum since May, 2011. She has more than 30 years of experience working in history and art museums. Her personal passion is heritage cooking, and she maintains a blog that chronicles her cooking adventures at The program will be followed by a short Q&A. discussion.

Tricia Martin Wallace of Hospitality has made arrangements with Chef Donna Grow to serve a roast pork luncheon. The very dependable chef with her well trained staff will have all ready for noon. Manning the famous dessert table will be: Jill Alexander, Mary Fowler Huston, Deb Kumpf, Diana Levy, Mal Merrill, Sue Reepmeyer and Joanne Wilhelm. With such a group, one can be sure the treats will be ample and decadent.

President Harriet Bicksler has designated this months charity would be to help women at Starting Point, providing services for victims of domestic and sexual violence. These women appreciate getting just about anything to help them in their need. Bicksler also noted that a new "Get Acquainted" table will be set up for members to meet new people or renew old acquaintances at this setting. Our President was most proud of our group and their huge donations to Child Family Services filling the stage with new toys and also for the special gifts purchased for Moultonborough town kids at our December meeting. As a service club, MWC does many good works and donates each month to a charity.

Women's Club Enjoys Holiday Music - by Mil Toczko

Posted on December 8, 2016 at 2:15 PM

Moultonborough Academy Chorus wows MWC


The Moultonborough Academy Chorus entertain with Christmas music


Just like our dedicated postmen, the Moultonborough Women's Club didn't let snow covered roads, icy conditions or the cold hamper them from making the Christmas meeting with 66 in attendance. Chef Donna Grow was already at her station with her talented kitchen help preparing the delightful ham luncheon with scalloped potatoes, which was served promptly at 12 noon. The luncheon arrangements had been made earlier by Hospitality chair Tricia Martin-Wallace, as well as organizing the famous dessert committee consisting of: Irene Colman, Valerie Durland, Trish Conley, June Hall, Cecelia Hansen, Nancy McDonough, Carole O'Hara, Gayle Russell, Wendy Sutton, Diane Schneider and Jill Alexander. The same ladies adorned the tables with Christmas decorations and prepared a celebration of delicious sweets for all to enjoy. There was: a gluten free chocolate cake, cherry pie bars, oatmeal cake, pistachio cake, cherry squares, an almond roll, a christmas roll and two kinds of cookies. Homemade fudge and chocolates plus chocolate dipped plums from Poland. Quite a variety for members and our young guests from the Academy to enjoy.

December program chair Cheryl Ulm contacted Harmony Markey and arranged a Holiday Musical Program featuring the Moultonborough Academy . The high school chorus sang traditional carols with some new, peppy tunes included. A sing-along with all ended the happy program. It was evident that Ms. Markey loves her work, as she sparkled conducting the chorus. Being aware of the ceaseless work MWC does throughout the year, she thanked members profusely for all the scholarship awards. As students left, they were rewarded with a gift bag of candy put together by Mitzie Crowe and Dotti Simpson with a "Merry Christmas".

In the Christmas spirit, President Harriet Bicksler designated the charity for December would be to donate new, toys for Child Family Services. Janet Schurko working with the town also got members to donate toys to needy kids in Moultonborough. As a result, thanks to the generosity of all, a huge pile was collected to make many kids happy Christmas morning. Accolades to Barbara Nelson, who donated a bag of handmade mittens and hats for children to help keep them warm tis winter.

Christmas Spirit between Women Clubs - by Mil Toczko

Posted on December 1, 2016 at 3:05 PM

Members of the Moultonborough Women's Club met weekly to make hand made Christmas decorations to participate in the Meredith Altrusa Club's yearly event. This is the sixth time MWC has donated trees to help their neighboring friends in their annual event held each December at Waukewan Golf Club. The very talented Janet Schurko with Eloise Post lead the group and have a new theme each year. This time it's all about adorable scottie dogs, with a cute lighted dog house at the very top created by Nick Schurko. For the second year, MWC donated two trees, both decorated and will be given to families with children. Besides donating & decorating these Christmas trees, MWC members also donate a huge amount of new toys for needy local children. The Season of Joy and Goodwill abounds.