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MWC Begins Season of Merriment

Posted on December 4, 2014 at 8:05 PM

Moultonborough Academy Musical Choir Students

By Mil Toczko



Sixty six members attended the Moultonborough Women's Club on December 1st for their monthly luncheon meeting. Gayle Russell of hospitality arranged with Chef Donna Grow and her efficient kitchen elves to serve bountiful chicken pot pie with savory results. Oh, that crust, no one does it better than Donna. Knowing students were arriving, the dessert committee did double duty baking a wonderful, celebration of delicious sweets. The ladies who brought a variety of desserts are: Jean Beadle, Trish Conley, Paula Young, Judi Soja, Gayle Russell, Irene Coleman, Cecelia Hansen, Pam Toczko, Mary Whiting and Debbie Colvin.

Program chair Cheryl Ulm arranged to have Musical Director Harmony Markey and the talented students of the Moultonborough Academy perform a Christmas musical program. Members truly enjoyed seeing so many talented young people, whose voices filled the hall with yuletide joy. There was audience participation in well known Christmas carols and Santa songs. The program ended with a crescendo of applause. The students then were welcome to the delicious desserts and each was given a goody bag of Christmas candy distributed by Mitzie Crowe. Everyone enjoyed these polite, attractive, musical students. A great beginning to the holiday season.

The hall was nicely decorated for the season with a Christmas tree and poinsettias on each table, which were given out at the end to the person wearing the most buttons.

Co-President Trish Conley designated the charity this month for Child and Family Services for kids up to twelve years old. Our town is included in the distribution of these gifts. It was admirable to see the generosity of MWC in providing a huge amount of new toys for needy kids.

Our iPadAir raffle was over and a drawing was held. Donna Tatro of the Recreational Dept. was the happy winner. It was also the day to bring the Christmas tree several of our members decorated for the Altrusa group with Co-President Eloise Post in charge. Members met several times to plan and make hand made ornaments for this tree, which will be donated to a needy family at the end of the Altrusa event. New photos on our web site:

MWC to Celebrate Christmas with Music

Posted on November 22, 2014 at 3:25 PM

By Mil Toczko



We just finished celebrating Thanksgiving and now look forward to the joyful season of Christmas at the Moultonborough Women's Club on Monday, December 1, at the Lions Hall on old Rt 109S. Cheryl Ulm once again has contacted Harmony Markey music director at the Moultonborough Academy to present a winter concert, which will include the high school chorus singing traditional carols with some audience participation. Members of the high school band will also offer musical renditions with groups and solos. We sincerely look forward to seeing and hearing these talented young students. They have entertained MWC several times in the past with boundless energy and are always welcomed enthusiastically. Social begins at 11:30 with Chef Donna Grow and her efficiently trained kitchen help serving the luncheon promptly at noon. Members marvel at Donna's epicurean delights, which are always piping hot ready. Taking care of delicious desserts will be:

Jean Beadle, Trish Conley, Irene Coleman, Paula Young, Judi Soja, Pam Toczko, Mary Whiting, Gayle Russell and Debbie Colvin.

Co-President Trish Conley has designated Dec. to provide gift's for needy children to be distributed by the Child & Family Services, which includes children in our town. Please bring unwrapped gifts for kids.  Donations of Christmas wrapping paper, gift bags and ribbons are greatly appreciated.

Co President Eloise Post is chairing the Christmas tree we will provide and decorate for the Altrusa Club's Festival of Trees, which is styled Victorian and called "If I Could Turn Back Time". Hand made creative decorations were made by members and the tree will be donated to a needy family with children. What could be better to share nostalgically with community care and compassion.

Learn more about us by going to:

Time to Tie One On at the MWC

Posted on November 6, 2014 at 5:35 PM

Program chair Gayle Russell with Jennifer Correia of "Beyond Obsession"

By Mil Toczko



The Moultonborough Women's Club met Monday, November 3 for their monthly luncheon meeting with 83 in attendance. First of all, members and guests indulged in a delightful, simply good food of ground beef and vegetable lunch prepared by Chef Grow and her talented, well trained kitchen crew. The hostesses who provided the delectable desserts were: Nancy McDonough, Jane Harrington, Mitzie Crowe, Carol Bamberry, Marcia Rauch, Marlene Taussig and Diana Levy. As usual, it was a celebration of delicious sweets and difficult to select just the right dish. Seasonal pies, an abundance of squares, all sorts of cookies and cakes; something to please everyone and forget that diet.

Program chair Gayle Russell introduced Jen Correia and assistants Sharon Paton and Sharon Jones to set up and help demonstrate the many ways to tie scarfs of various shapes. It was interesting to see how to make a vest or several ways to cover the shoulders or waist using a scarf. Jen had a lovely assortment of colorful scarves and members followed along with her to try to copy the artful way of tying. Most likely Jen will have many members visiting her shop right here in Moultonborough on Rt 25.

Marcia Rauch with Gayle Bettinger headed up the annual "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" and reported funds garnered from sponsors was a whopping $5,669. Recently a committee delved into old records and discovered that MWC had been actively involved in the stride walk since 1996 and found the amounts of money sponsored each year. Adding this October's collection, the amount

added up to the amazing amount of $103,389. Hard to believe so much can be done by so few and we thank all who contributed over the years and do hope some day this terrible disease will be eradicated. A big thank you goes to Sherry Weene, who was coruageous enough to not only design but to model a bra to raise additional money. Now ladies... that takes guts!

The book "Great Houses of New England" has been purchased for the library in memory of our recently deceased member Alice Ellingwood, who served as an officer of MWC for many years and will be truly missed. Get well wishes and many prayers are sincerely sent to Cecelia Hansen, who recently had open heart surgery and is doing well. Our web site is kept up to date with our activities. Check it out at

MWC Bake Sale on Election Day

Posted on November 3, 2014 at 7:25 AM

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

The Moultonborough Women's Club will hold a Bake Sale

on election day at the Life Safety Building. They will have

coffee and muffins ready when the polls open and expect

fresh baked yummy items to arrive throughout the day.

Stop by for a free cup of coffee.

Beyond Obsession to Visit MWC

Posted on October 23, 2014 at 10:20 AM

By Mil Toczko



Our brief Indian Summer was certainly appreciated and we have enjoyed a lovely, colorful leaf peeping season. The Moultonborough Women's Club is now ready to greet November with open arms with a visit from Beyond Obsession located right here in town. Program chair Gayle Russell has arranged to have Jennifer Correia to visit MWC on Monday, November 3, at 11:30 at the Lions Hall on Old Rt 109S as speaker. Jen and husband George turned their 1853 cape into a 1500 square foot store right at 822 Whittier Hwy., which is filled with beautiful, affordable fashion jewelry and accessories. Having no middle man Beyond Obsession is able to pass the savings to their customers. Jen refers this to "Frugabulous" (frugal and fabulous). A visit to their store is a fun experience, with demonstrations of different ways to tie and wear scarves, ponchos, capes, fun hair pieces and hair accessories. Bring a scarf to learn how to tie. After the meeting, Jen plans to keep her shop open until 5 PM, with an offer of a free gift for those who make a purchase that day.

It's imperative for Chef Donna to have a lunch count and October 24 is the last day to make a reservation with Gayle at 253-7884. Those scheduled for desserts are: Nancy McDonough, Jane Harrington, Mitzie Crowe, Laura Hampton, Carol Bamberry, Marcia Rauch, Marlene Taussig and Diana Levy.

The iPad Air raffle is going nicely at $10 per ticket and only 200 will be sold in time for a great Christmas gift. The 2015 recipe calendars are also available at $15 each offering 3 recipes on each month. Yes, we know free calendars can be had, but free doesn't help the scholarship fund as our calendars do. These would make a charming hostess gift or surprise your neighbor. MWC will once again buy and decorate a Christmas tree to help the Altrusa Club. If interested in helping this fun project join a group on Tuesday, Oct.28 at 10:30 at our library. A last reminder: Tuesday, November 4, is election day and you may bring your baked goods to the Monday meeting so the bake sale gals will have plenty to offer early voters. Check us out at