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The Hat Lady to Visit MWC

Posted on May 3, 2015 at 4:20 PM

By Mil Toczko


Co-Presidents Trish Conley and Eloise Post have engaged humorist Norma Taatjes also known as "The Hat Lady" to entertain members of the Moultonborough Women's Club on May 4th, at the Lions Hall on Old Rt 109S at 11:30. For the past 36 years, she has entertained many audiences with her fun program. Norma believes that laughter is the key to good health, lowering blood pressure, revitalizing and energizing ones physical and mental health, which relieves stress and worry.

She goes on to say laughter is a special gift and aging is inevitable so why not face it with a sense of joy and gratitude through the wonderful gift of laughter. She is a mother of five, grandmother of 16 and great grandma of 2 and has lived in the small community of Milton, NH for 53 years.

Gayle Russell has arranged to have a catered luncheon of soup and sandwiches prepared by Chef Donna Grow and her efficient kitchen help. Gayle will be available to collect $30 for our June 1 banquet at Bald Peak. MWC annual dues of $30 may also be paid at this time payable to MWC and mark the event on each check. This facilitates easy bookkeeping. Co President Eloise Post will be looking for good used purses,scarves, jewlery and small knick knacks for the sale coming up June 27. There is NO Charity of the Month for May, however, we are asking members to bring their completed Donation Forms for the MWC Spring Gala for any item or service that they plan to donate to the Silent Auction planned for Friday, June 12th.

Mary Whiting of our scholarship committee reports that applications are available to Moultonborough residents regardless of age.

Barb Koehler will have a new slate of officers ready for members to vote upon for the coming year.

With the snow gone, parking should be easier but it's still a good idea to car pool.

Our web site is full of interesting information, check us out at

A Most Convivial Gathering for MWC

Posted on April 10, 2015 at 3:55 PM

Co-President Eloise Post, Harriet Bicksler, Peg Young at MWC 65th Anniversary Party

By Mil Toczko



The Moultonborough Women's Club held their monthly meeting on Monday, April 6 , with 66 in attendance and celebrated the club's 65th anniversary year as well. It all began in 1950, when a handful of women decided to form a club and try to do some good in their town. Elizabeth K. Lamprey was one of the founders and MWC was pleased to have her daughter Mary Lamprey Bare present as well as Erin Plummer, editor of the Meredith News and several Past Presidents: Betty Costello, Noel Ainscow, Mil Toczko, Cecelia Hansen, Dotti Simpson and Carol Ross Bamberry. The Anniversary Committee consisted of only four women: Harriet Bicksler, Eloise Post, Jeannine Royer and Mil Toczko. each having something special to do.

Harriet sent invitations out, made place cards and gave an abbreviated club history. Eloise Post made all the special individual chocolate cakes with whipped cream and raspberry sauce. She also took care of corsages and fresh yellow roses. Jeannine Royer, our reliable in house decorator came through with lovely table decorations and special table settings. Even brought in her own gold flatware for the head table. Mil Toczko had 625 photos of the last 5 years and made an interesting, fun 24 minute DVD for all to enjoy with gracious help from tech specialist Suzanne Fullerton of our elementary school. A hilarious skit by Jane Harrington as "Charlene" Maxine's sister took the stage and wowed the crowd.

It began with a catered luncheon provided by Chef Donna Grow, who has a reputation for good food and her dependable well trained staff. Donna had a moist, succulent, roast pork with stuffing and dark, rich gravy, plus all the accouterments. The regular dessert committee didn't do any baking because Eloise Post made all the individual mini bundt cakes herself. Instead Peg Young, Mal Merrill, June Hall, Barbara Hawkins, Mary Louise Eaton, Tao Wan Rudkin and Suzanne Knapik brought in fresh fruit which combined, made two huge bowls. Another surprise was contributed by Suzanne Knapik, who made lovely chocolate lollipops with the number 65 imprinted. As a souvenir, a small frame with the last sentence printed of our club collect was given to each member and yellow roses were given to April birthdays. The congenial enthusiasm was overwhelming, a most enjoyable day. And... that my friends was how we celebrated our 65th Anniversary. Check out our informative web site by going to:

MWC Plans a Celebration on April 6th

Posted on March 31, 2015 at 3:45 PM

The Moultonborough Women's Club Anniversary Committee.

Background: co Chairs Harriet Bicksler and Mil Toczko

In front: Eloise Post & Jeannine Royer

By Mil Toczko



A committee was organized to celebrate an anniversary party led by Harriet Bicksler, Eloise Post, Jeannine Royer and Mil Toczko. This special event will take place on Monday, April 6th at the Lions Hall at 11:30. Gayle Russell of hospitality has arranged a delightful luncheon of roast pork, which will be catered by Chef Donna Grow and her talented staff, who have it all down expertly. Other working bees will be: Barbara Hawkins, Peg Young, Mal Merrill, Mary Louise Eaton, Ann Foley, June Hall, Tan Wan Rudkin and Suzanne Knapik, who will be assisting with serving a lucious dessert and fresh fruit salad.

Many past presidents have been invited as well as some special individuals to join in the celebration. The committee hopes to have a really nice surprise for all to enjoy with a bit of fun.

It's hard to believe that 65 years have passed since a handful of women organized the Moultonborough Women's Club in December of 1950. These women wanted to promote civic, educational and social events for the community and that's just what they did. Each year they tackled some new project to better the community and eventually got rid of unsightly billboards, junked cars , which marred Rt.25 and dumping on empty lots. Devoted much time and energy to benefit children. Realizing the need started awarding small scholarships, which became their pet project and has grown considerably over the years. "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" became another yearly project, which they have participated in since 1996. The club has been successful in many endeavors and has grown to 123 members who are actively working in various fundraising projects for our town and surrounding areas. Members enjoy socializing not only at meetings but at special events that are held including gardening, walks and snowshoeing. We have interesting speakers and members enjoy sharing their hobbies and skills. Our web site holds an abundance of interesting information as well as photos. See for yourself by going to

MWC to Celebrate 65 Years

Posted on March 12, 2015 at 5:00 PM

By Mil Toczko



This year the Moultonborough Women's Club celebrates their 65th anniversary. It all began in 1950, when a handful of women met and organized a service club to promote civic, educational and social activities. They were part of the NH Federation of Women's Clubs for 30 years before withdrawing their affiliation. In doing so, they were able to concentrate on keeping their contributions at a local level. Recognizing the need after loaning $50 to a student, they decided scholarships would be a good thing to award to students. Thus, in 1960 they began awarding $100 scholarships and as time passed the amounts grew larger and became the clubs pet project. Over the years, the club helped the town in various ways helping both the girl and boy scouts, the 4H club, a program called "Close Up", where students yearly visited Washington D.C.  Often donated money to students to travel to foreign countries as ambassadors, purchased playground equipment, donated books and toys to a day care center, donated baskets of food at Thanksgiving, toys are donated at Christmas as well as knitted hats and mittens, purchased musical instruments for the school band, sponsored sports teams. Decorated the town library mantel for years, established a Conservation Commission in town by holding meetings for the entire community featuring authoritative speakers. Always interested in beautification, the club worked diligently to remove billboards, junk cars and old dumps. Planted flowers in several areas and purchased many lilac bushes to help beautify our town. The club for the past few years have adopted a garden spot to care for. Flags and flagpoles have been donated and have participated in several town parades winning first prize more than once. Donations have been made to many local charities; such as Visiting Nurses, Food Pantry, the Moultonborough Recreation Dept., Care Givers, Veterans, Humane Society and a women's shelter.

How has the money been raised for these worthy causes is a good question. The club is always searching for new ways to accomplish this. Some of the ways have been with printing and selling cookbooks, a yearly calendar with members birthdays, anniversaries and organization dates. Many fashion shows, plays, a cabaret, garden tours, card parties, auctions, pound parties, bake sales during election time and a sandwich sale during the town meeting.

It's not all work and no play. Members have fun at the meetings greeting friends and we have terrific speakers. We 've been able to get grants from the NH Humanities Council with excellent entertaining programs. Members have traveled foreign countries and have shared their experience with film and talks.

Last year an archive committee researching old records found to their delight that all the scholarships awarded from 1960 to 2014 came to an astonishing amount of $152,350. They continued researching old records and discovered that MWC joined the nation in "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" in 1996 and to date raised $103,387 for this worthy cause. We now have a membership of 122 and going strong, celebrating 65 years of service to our community. A celebration will take place on Monday, April 6 at the Lions Hall, at 11:30.

Check out our well maintained web site for more information by going to:

Horticulturist Explains Myths at MWC

Posted on March 6, 2015 at 11:35 AM

Horticulturist Bruce Roberts and wife Susan Merrifield


By Mil Toczko



The Moulonborough Women's Club met on Monday, March 2 for their monthly meeting. Member Susan Merrifield introduced her husband Bruce Roberts, a well known horticulturist. Roberts graduated from both the Dupage Horticultural Institute and the University of Rhode Island's Department of Plant and Soil Science. He is also an international certified arborist and has taught and lectured widely. He has served as Greenhouse Manager and Propagator at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge. Many members have visited this cemetery and marvel at the beauty found there. Roberts had soil charts to demonstrate the contents and gave an interesting demonstration of water run off using a soaked wet sponge. He was very passionate throughout his talk, which showed his obvious love in his element having to do with plantings and soil. The question and answer period was lively and members were able to confer with him after the meeting.


Time to celebrate St. Patrick and wearing of the green. Gayle Russell engaged Chef Donna Grow and her well trained staff to prepare a traditional corned beef and cabbage luncheon. Jeannine Royer had shamrocks and green flowered centerpieces adorning each table. Sherry Weene headed up the dessert table with help from: Barbara Brash, Kathy Dalzell, Pat Keegan, Trish Conley and Mil Toczko. They didn't disappoint and offered a lovely selection. All marveled at the enormous size of a huge bowl of fresh fruit, brownies, shamrock cookies, St. Pat's cupcakes, Key lime pie, chocolate cream pie, blueberry loaf, sour cream coffee cake, pumpkin squares and a strawberry cheese cake. The perfect ending of a delicious, heart warming meal.


CoPresident Trish Conley was delighted with the donations brought in for animals at the Humane Society. Harriet Bicksler will deliver the needed items, which are always appreciated at the shelter.

Nominating Committee Barb Koehler , Mitzie Crowe and Sue Bacon are on the prowl to replace a few new officers who have served their term. Most are willing to help and do in many ways but it is difficult to find leaders to take the helm.