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Neither Wind or Rain Stops the MWC

Posted on July 16, 2014 at 6:10 PM

The July 4th Parade and many other town events were canceled because of high winds and rain.

As planned, the Moultonborough Women's Club showed up on the 4th, with husbands Jay O' Donald, Dick Russell and Fred Whiting to help set up the tent for their annual bake sale at the Moultonborough Library's gigantic book fair. They had no tent stakes or heavy plastic sides and had to postpone due to gale force winds and heavy rain. Returned Saturday (their third attempt) to start over and hope for the best. The persistence of organizer Mary Whiting, Louise O' Donald and Gayle Russell paid off with the usual team effort. The sales were slightly below the usual due to the weather but still enough to proudly add to the scholarship fund almost another $1,000. All went home happy and grateful to MWC members who bake wonderful, delicious goodies and make a variety of sandwiches to sell to accommodate those who have lunch there. MWC highly appreciates the generosity of the Moultonborough Library, who allows us to share in their huge book fair, where thousands of books are offered at reasonable prices right on the premises. Thanks also to the town who supports both MWC & the library in cooperation and generosity. Big hugs to the helping husbands, who set up, take down and chip in the clean up. A great, hard working team. This past June, we awarded $10,000 to students and have begun to refill our coffers to be able to do the same next year. Recently we rented two tables at the Moultonborough Methodist Church tag sale and were successful in selling jewelry, scarfs and purses donated by MWC members. As a service club, besides awarding scholarships we donate $1500 each year to local community charities and usually at each meeting our president designates a charity and members bring in whatever is needed for that particular charity. Such as: toys for needy children, needed items for the animal shelter, needs for abused women's shelter and items for our veterans. To view photos and learn more about MWC go to:

July 4th Bake Sale

Posted on June 27, 2014 at 4:00 PM

Friday, July 4

An all day affair. The Moultonborough Women's Club will

conduct their annual 4th of July Bake Sale the same day

as the Moultonborough Library holds its gigantic book

sale in their parking lot. Home baked goods will be

offered as well as sandwiches. You need not leave the

book sale for lunch but enjoy it right on the premises,

giving you more time to book browse. All bake sale proceeds

will go directly into MWC scholarship fund.

MWC Entry in Lasagna Bake Off Wins 2nd Place!!!

Posted on June 15, 2014 at 2:20 PM

Congratulations go out to Eloise Post, Jill Alexander, and Diane Schneider who entered the Moultonborough Historical Society's Lasagna Bake Off on Saturday, June 14th at the Lion's Hall.  Their delicious entry of Ravioli Pesto Lasagna placed 2nd and they took home a $50 Cash Prize which will go to the MWC Scholarship Fund!  Congratulations to these wonderful cooks!!!

MWC Awards $10K in Scholarships

Posted on June 9, 2014 at 8:10 AM

MWC Scholarships awarded to Moultonborough Academy students: Brooke Burrows $1,000, Cassidy Brennan $2,000, Bridget Ireland $2,000, Megan Wallace $2,000 and Derek Rossetti $3,000, shown with Scholarship Chair Judy Ballard.  This was the first time MWC awarded such a large amount totaling $10,000.

By Mil Toczko


The Moultonborough Women's Club Scholarship Committee represented by Judy Ballard and Mary Whiting were present at the Moultonborough Academy's Award Night at Geneva Point on Tuesday evening May 27th. Mrs. Ballard congratulated all the graduating seniors and their families and to those receiving awards. She also thanked those responsible for including MWC in this exciting event. Mrs. Ballard went on to say "This year, we received an impressive number of applications, more than 20, and so we found it extremely difficult to decide which students should receive this year’s scholarships. The main component in our selection is financial need, followed by the usual attributes: academic excellence, co-curricular activities, community service, and so on. As we did this year, we often find it helpful to consider the ability of a person to overcome adversity in life. Our scholarship committee was profoundly moved by some of the personal essays written by this year’s applicants…their lives at home and school, their dreams and aspirations beyond graduation, and so forth. Many of their stories depicted extraordinary challenges faced during their lives. We were really touched and impressed by the astounding ways with which they were able to handle these sometimes-dramatic challenges, refusing to accept defeat and having the courage and determination to achieve successes."

Five students from the Moultonborough Academy were awarded the following: Brooke Burrows- $1.000. Cassidy Brennan- $2,000, Bridget Ireland- $2,000, Megan Wallace- $2,000 and Derek Rossetti- $3,000.

Scholarships have become MWC pet project and the astonishing amount given in scholarships since 1960 to 2014 has totaled an amazing $152,350 all due to dedicated, hard working women.

Check out our interesting and informative web site by going to:

MWC Installs Officers at the Castle

Posted on June 5, 2014 at 10:25 AM

By Mil Toczko


In order of line up:  Directors Carol Bamberry, Mitzi Crowe, and Judy Ballard.  Treasurer Pat Keegan, Recording Secretary Dawn Smith, Co-Vice Presidents Jill Alexander and Gayle Russell. Co-Presidents Eloise Post and Trish Conley, Parliamentarian Dotti Simpson.


Sixty members were present on a glorious day with spectacular views of Lake Winnepesaukee observed from the Castle in the Clouds on Monday, June 2, when the Moultonborough Women's Club held their annual banquet and installation of officers and directors. Gayle Russell planned the delicious catered epicurean menu and received willing help setting up and decorating from: Nancy McDonough, Jeannine Royer, Irene Colman, Val Durland and Barbara Brash.


Prior to the banquet, Judy Ballard and Mary Whiting attended the Moultonborough Academy Awards Night at Geneva Point to award $10,000 in scholarships to several M A students. Judy gave a synopsis of that evening and said the $10k was the most given in one year. She also reported some astonishing news about the MWC Archive Group discovering records dating back to 1960 to present. With found information we now know that the total scholarships MWC has awarded has been an amazing amount of $152,350.


During a candlelight service Parliamentarian Dotti Simpson explained the duties of officers and their importance to the club. This ceremony of the lighted candles and instructions has been an ongoing tradition for many years. There is also the club gavel, which has been handed down to use at club meetings and has historical significance. It was hewn from an elm tree planted by Nathaniel Webster on his farm in Franklin when it was an orphanage. Our Co-Presidents had a successful year and will go on to serve another term. Both Trish and Eloise tackle new challenges with gusto and manage to accomplish much with determination. The MWC officers and directors extend to all a wonderful, safe summer. To view more banquet photos go to: