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MWC to Celebrate 65 Years

Posted on March 12, 2015 at 5:00 PM

By Mil Toczko



This year the Moultonborough Women's Club celebrates their 65th anniversary. It all began in 1950, when a handful of women met and organized a service club to promote civic, educational and social activities. They were part of the NH Federation of Women's Clubs for 30 years before withdrawing their affiliation. In doing so, they were able to concentrate on keeping their contributions at a local level. Recognizing the need after loaning $50 to a student, they decided scholarships would be a good thing to award to students. Thus, in 1960 they began awarding $100 scholarships and as time passed the amounts grew larger and became the clubs pet project. Over the years, the club helped the town in various ways helping both the girl and boy scouts, the 4H club, a program called "Close Up", where students yearly visited Washington D.C.  Often donated money to students to travel to foreign countries as ambassadors, purchased playground equipment, donated books and toys to a day care center, donated baskets of food at Thanksgiving, toys are donated at Christmas as well as knitted hats and mittens, purchased musical instruments for the school band, sponsored sports teams. Decorated the town library mantel for years, established a Conservation Commission in town by holding meetings for the entire community featuring authoritative speakers. Always interested in beautification, the club worked diligently to remove billboards, junk cars and old dumps. Planted flowers in several areas and purchased many lilac bushes to help beautify our town. The club for the past few years have adopted a garden spot to care for. Flags and flagpoles have been donated and have participated in several town parades winning first prize more than once. Donations have been made to many local charities; such as Visiting Nurses, Food Pantry, the Moultonborough Recreation Dept., Care Givers, Veterans, Humane Society and a women's shelter.

How has the money been raised for these worthy causes is a good question. The club is always searching for new ways to accomplish this. Some of the ways have been with printing and selling cookbooks, a yearly calendar with members birthdays, anniversaries and organization dates. Many fashion shows, plays, a cabaret, garden tours, card parties, auctions, pound parties, bake sales during election time and a sandwich sale during the town meeting.

It's not all work and no play. Members have fun at the meetings greeting friends and we have terrific speakers. We 've been able to get grants from the NH Humanities Council with excellent entertaining programs. Members have traveled foreign countries and have shared their experience with film and talks.

Last year an archive committee researching old records found to their delight that all the scholarships awarded from 1960 to 2014 came to an astonishing amount of $152,350. They continued researching old records and discovered that MWC joined the nation in "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" in 1996 and to date raised $103,387 for this worthy cause. We now have a membership of 122 and going strong, celebrating 65 years of service to our community. A celebration will take place on Monday, April 6 at the Lions Hall, at 11:30.

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Horticulturist Explains Myths at MWC

Posted on March 6, 2015 at 11:35 AM

Horticulturist Bruce Roberts and wife Susan Merrifield


By Mil Toczko



The Moulonborough Women's Club met on Monday, March 2 for their monthly meeting. Member Susan Merrifield introduced her husband Bruce Roberts, a well known horticulturist. Roberts graduated from both the Dupage Horticultural Institute and the University of Rhode Island's Department of Plant and Soil Science. He is also an international certified arborist and has taught and lectured widely. He has served as Greenhouse Manager and Propagator at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge. Many members have visited this cemetery and marvel at the beauty found there. Roberts had soil charts to demonstrate the contents and gave an interesting demonstration of water run off using a soaked wet sponge. He was very passionate throughout his talk, which showed his obvious love in his element having to do with plantings and soil. The question and answer period was lively and members were able to confer with him after the meeting.


Time to celebrate St. Patrick and wearing of the green. Gayle Russell engaged Chef Donna Grow and her well trained staff to prepare a traditional corned beef and cabbage luncheon. Jeannine Royer had shamrocks and green flowered centerpieces adorning each table. Sherry Weene headed up the dessert table with help from: Barbara Brash, Kathy Dalzell, Pat Keegan, Trish Conley and Mil Toczko. They didn't disappoint and offered a lovely selection. All marveled at the enormous size of a huge bowl of fresh fruit, brownies, shamrock cookies, St. Pat's cupcakes, Key lime pie, chocolate cream pie, blueberry loaf, sour cream coffee cake, pumpkin squares and a strawberry cheese cake. The perfect ending of a delicious, heart warming meal.


CoPresident Trish Conley was delighted with the donations brought in for animals at the Humane Society. Harriet Bicksler will deliver the needed items, which are always appreciated at the shelter.

Nominating Committee Barb Koehler , Mitzie Crowe and Sue Bacon are on the prowl to replace a few new officers who have served their term. Most are willing to help and do in many ways but it is difficult to find leaders to take the helm.


MWC to Learn About Gardening Myths

Posted on February 22, 2015 at 11:35 AM

By Mil Toczko


The Moultonborough Women's Club will meet on Monday, March 2, for their regular monthly meeting at the Lions Hall at 11:30. Susan Merrifield has arranged to have horticulturist Bruce Roberts speak on "Gardening Myths". In this presentation, Bruce brings over a half century of experience in the field of horticulture. He graduated from both the Dupage Horticultural Institute and the University of Rhode Island's Department of Plant and Soil Science. In addition, he is an internationally certified arborist and has taught and lectured widely. He has served in the capacity of Greenhouse Manager and Propagator at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA, Department Head of the Horticulture Department of Minuteman Tech. in Lexington, MA and the Director of Horticulture at the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. Find out how some of our most commonly held beliefs about gardening actually work against us. Did you know that one of the most popular methods to increase flowerpot water drainage actually works to inhibit drainage? Members will be anxious to learn more about these myths.

Gayle Russell with perfect timing has made catering arrangements with chef Donna Grow to have a corned beef and cabbage luncheon prepared for members to enjoy prior to the program. The infamous dessert table will be taken care of by:Sherry Weene, Gail Lukiewski, Barbara Brash, Kathy Daizell, Pat Keegan, Susan Temple and Mil Toczko. Someone always has something new to surprise us with and there are always old favorites to rely on. Reservations need to be made by Friday, Feb. 20 so Gayle (253-7884) can give Chef Donna an accurate count.

The Nominating Committee consisting of Barb Koehler, Mitzie Crowe and Sue Bacon are searching diligently to replace outgoing officers. This is a good chance to show your leadership and service to both MWC and our community.

Co-President Trish Conley has designated the March charity will be for the Lakes Region Humane Society. Seems they desperately need: bleach, Pedigree chopped chicken dog food, Friskie's pate canned cat food. Don't despair, they will appreciate just about anything you may come up with as a donation.

Parking is tight with all the snow, so please try to car pool. Another alternative is to take the Blue Loon Bus that will pick you up and drop you right at the Lions door for a nominal fee by calling toll free 1-866-752-6890.

Thanks to Trish, articles and photos are up to date on our web site. It is a nice surprise when you check us out at:

Girl Scout Ambassador Visits MWC

Posted on February 5, 2015 at 4:55 PM

Co-President Trish Conley and Girl Scout Ambassador Eleanor Eaton

By Mil Toczko



Last year, the Moultonborough Women's Club gave a small donation to Moultonborough student Eleanor Eaton to help her finance a trip to Europe as a Girl Scout Ambassador. On Wednesday, February 4, Eleanor arrived at the Moultonborough Women's Club to inform us of her fascinating trip, with a short slide show.

It all began at Las Vegas, where Eleanor became acquainted with other girl scouts who were also designated for the trip to Europe. From Vegas, they had a ten hour flight to London, where they met still other girls and toured the sights. Then off to Paris staying at a small, quaint hotel just outside the city. Visited the well known places and met new friends. Finally a train trip to Lucern, Switzerland, where she worked with other girl scouts in projects there. It all ended with a return flight back to Las Vegas and sadly a "good bye" to newly made friends ending a wonderful, once in a lifetime adventure never to be forgotten. MWC enjoyed seeing the places Eleanor and companion girl scouts visited and was happy to hear of the highlights of her adventurous trip. MWC members thought she made a great Ambassador being poised, self confident and told her story flawlessly. If Eleanor is an example of a Moultonborough student, we have nothing to worry about.

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MWC Learns to be Ready for Disasters

Posted on February 5, 2015 at 3:50 PM


Kathleen Merriam, Coordinator of volunteers of Community Emergency Response Team (CERTS)


By Mil Toczko


The Moultonorough Women's Club regular meeting was postponed because of another big snow storm and changed to Wednesday, February 4. We still had an excellent turnout with 51 attending. Co-President Eloise Post was delighted to introduce Kathleen Merriam, a retired teacher of 37 years with an MS in Special Education from Hofstra University in New York. Kathleen raised five children with the help of her husband Phil and now enjoying twelve grand kids. In 2007 she began as a volunteer for CERTS and presently is their Coordinator. She brought a large basket filled with items needed for survival, which included: water, canned veggies, fruit, meats and canned milk, a manual can opener. Dried fruit, juice boxes, pet food, flashlight, batteries, soap, personal items plus a first aid kit. Important not to forget your medicine. Kathleen suggested a go bag in case you need to leave your home. That would include: change of clothes, extra keys, glasses, cash, important documents such as copies of ID, medical info, insurance policies, even wills. Don't forget your animals and their supplies. Kathleen's coworker David Stamps was present to operate a power point show illustrating emergencies and CERTS at work. Lots of good ideas and suggestions to get started on a "go bag". CERTS support first responders by providing traffic control for police, rehab for firefighters, shelters for humans and their animals, search and rescue for missing persons, organizational support for public health emergencies.

With a reputation for good food and well trained kitchen staff, Chef Donna Grow served a delicious, satisfying ham luncheon to titillate our taste buds with all the accouterments. Jeannine Royer our in house decorator enlivened the hall with pink & red valentines everywhere making very pretty table settings. She also made home made fudge for February birthday gals. Even though the date was changed the dessert hostesses came through with flying colors too; Patricia Putnam, Barbara Putnam, Diane Schneider, Jeannine Royer and Janet Schurko served sweet rewards of pumpkin bread, a scrumptious blueberry cake, always popular apple pie, raspberry crumb bars, brownies with white chocolate, a huge bowl of fresh fruit and delicate chrusciki. A lovely ending to a delightful luncheon.

Co-President Trish Conley was pleased that members remembered to donate needed items for the "Sunshine Cart" at the Veterans Home in Tilton. These offerings are appreciated and enjoyed by our well deserved veterans.

Sue Bacon was nominated as the third person joining the Nominating Committee with Barb Koehler and Mitzie Crowe.

They will seriously be searching to fill the soon to be vacancies. Think about serving this great successful club. MWC has accomplished much over these 65 years thanks to its leadership and all those helping hands that get things done.

This is our 65th year and a small committee is now in the throes or organizing a surprise for its members at our April meeting. Keep tuned and check in at: