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MWC Enjoys Music Through The Ages - by Mil Toczko

Posted on April 6, 2017 at 6:00 PM

Sandwich Musicians entertain the Moultonborough Women's Club with centuries old music.  Shown are : Director Nancy Nichols, June Christiaen, Sue Schmidt, Ginger Heard, Valerie May.

April hospitality: Tricia Martin Wallace, Donna Conway, Betsy Merkle, Lee Bane, Peg Young and Barbara Perry.

Monday, April 3, President Harriet Bicksler of the Moultonborough Women's Club was delighted to introduce the very talented, unusual musical group called "Treble Makers" from our neighboring town of Sandwich. The ladies arrived early to set up their old time musical instruments on display for members to view before the program. Nancy Nichols directs and plays in the group supported by instrumentalists Ginger Heard, June Christiaen, with harpist and soloist Valerie May. Sue and Paul Schmidt from Bedford also performed. It was an unusual selection of music taken from the Medieval Period, the Renaissance Period and Modern times. Members enjoyed viewing the antiquated instruments and had many questions regarding them. It was a splendid program, enriching our lives and we thank Deb Kumpf for arranging this musical.

The luncheon previously planned was welcome comfort food of home made lasagna catered by Chef Donna Grow. It's a mystery on how Donna, along with her trained, talented kitchen crew gets it all done. Thanks to dessert ladies:  Donna Conway, Betsy Merkle, Caroline Bailey, Lee Bane, Peg Young and Barbara Perry there was a lot of interest at this popular table were pecan crunchies, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, cup cakes, pineapple, coconut cake, chocolate corn flake cookies and a gluten free coconut cake could be found.

Nomination Committee chair Dottie Simpson along with Barbara Palmer and Carole O'Hara reported the new slate of officers that will be voted on at the May meeting. It was a very bust meeting with a lot going on. Sherry Weene and Jane Harrington presented information as to their Passover, with printed Hebrew books to demonstrate and Passover plates. It was quite interesting to learn more about their special holiday.  We were visited by Representers of the American Cancer Society Michelle DesMarais and Chelsea Paradore, who arrived with a trophy to present to our Cancer Stride leader Nancy McDonough and a group of marchers that were in attendance. Last October MWC contributed $5,754 to the stride against cancer program and MWC has received several certificate of awards in this endeavor.

President Bicksler was surprised by the huge donation of used shoes gathered for the charity group called Second Chance Animal Rescue, located in Littleton. And, if that wasn't enough, it was also time to donate items for our Veterans, which once again the women came through with flying colors and Bicksler thanks all for their generous support.

"Treble Makers" are back to MWC - by Mil Toczko

Posted on March 24, 2017 at 12:40 AM

The Treble Makers are back to entertain the Moultonborough Women's Club at their next meeting on Monday, April 3 at the Lions Hall, with a social starting at 11:30. Nancy Nichols and several other ladies from our neighboring town of Sandwich intend to bring many old time instruments, some will be played and others will be on display before and after the concert. Music will be selected from Medieval Period, the Renaissance Period and Modern times. Nancy Nichols directs and plays in the group, supported by instrumentalists Ginger Heard and June Christiaen of Sandwich and Sue and Paul Schmidt from Bedford. Valerie May, a harpist and soprano sings and performs also.  We thank Deb Kumpf for arranging to bring back this marvelous group of musicians, who visited MWC 5 years ago.

Hospitality Tricia Martin Wallace earlier arranged with Chef Donna Grow to serve Lasagna for the luncheon. Donna's kitchen crew is very well versed in culinary aspects and the team does a super job. Now, we come to the dessert table manned this month by: Donna Conway, Peg Young, Barbara Perry, Betsy Merkle, Caroline Bailey, Karen Wright, Gayle Russell and Judy Soja. It is always interesting to see what they will come up with and you can be certain there will be something new and delectable.

President Harriet Bicksler has proclaimed April's charity will be for the Veterans Sunshine Club. They would like the usual standard size items: Denture cleaning tablets: Efferdent or Polident, adhesive: Fixodent or Poligrip, toothpaste, toothbrushes, stick deodorants men’s & women’s scented, hair combs and brushes, pre-shave and after shave lotion. It's always much appreciated.  Bicksler also reminds us to bring in those used, old shoes for another charity group called Second Chance Animal Rescue, located in Littleton, NH.  The Nominating Committee consisting of: Dotti Simpson, Barbara Palmer and Carole O'Hara will present the club with a report on a new slate of officers, who are willing to serve for two years and will be voted on in May.

Women's Club Reveals Big Event Plans - by Mil Toczko

Posted on March 24, 2017 at 12:35 AM

Summer Gala committee: Back row: organizer Carol Bamberry, Leslie Angelo, Amy Corston

Front: Anne Marie Bedford, Dotti Simpson, Barbara Palmer, Mil Toczko and Betsy Merkle

The nor'easter is over and things are getting back to normal. The Moultonborough Women's Club, always busy and thinking ahead recently gathered together to begin planning their big fundraiser event of the year. MWC awards scholarships at the end of May, so in June, we begin again to plan events to refill the emptied coffers. Last year we awarded $8,000. It all began way back in 1960, when scholarships became the pet project and since have awarded $168,350. All this can't be done without raising funds by some events. Organizer Carol Bamberry is getting a dynamite team together for the Summer Gala Silent Auction, which is open to the public on Friday evening June 16 at the Lions Hall on old Rt.109s. Tickets re $20 per person, which will include free catered appetizers, dance music and some fantastic, unusual auction items to bid on. An inexpensive evening to have fun, enjoy friends and get a fantastic deal on auction items. Sounds like a long way off but we all know how time flies. Donations from local merchants will be most welcome and a nice way for new merchants to get acquainted with MWC, a community service club.


Road Scholar Ambassdor at MWC - by Mil Toczko

Posted on March 9, 2017 at 10:25 AM

MWC March Refreshment Committee:

Back row: Debbie Colvin, Cheryl Ulm, Kathy Dalzell

Front: Sherry Weene, Mary Whiting, Barbara Brash and Leslie Angelo

Road Scholar Ambassador Jane Ramsay with MWC President Harriet Bicksler

May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live. One of many good Irish greetings.  It's that time of the year, when everyone becomes Irish and the wearing of the green is popular. There was plenty of green at the Moultonborough Women's Club, with shamrocks galore, on Monday, March 6. Road Scholar Ambassador Jane Ramsay of Meredith was guest speaker and filled us in on the latest changes going on at Road Scholar, formerly known as Elderhostel, a non profit organization. Catalogs were given to members with information on U.S., International and Adventures Afloat, with more than 50 inspirational learning adventures all at an exceptional value.

Ramsay was happy to share some of her traveling experiences and was eager to answer questions.  Tricia Martin Wallace made earlier arrangements to have Chef Donna Grow cater a traditional, delicious corned beef and cabbage luncheon with all the accouterments. Her well trained leprechaun kitchen helpers had it all ready with savory results. The March dessert committee also came through with flying colors with a celebration of delicious sweets to top it all off. They arrived early to set up and decorate and we are thankful to:  Debbie Colvin, Cheryl Ulm, Kathy Dalzell, Sherry Weene, Mary Whiting, Barbara Brash and Leslie Angelo, who provided a dazzling dessert table. A huge bowl of fresh fruit was offered along with pistachio cake, ginger bread, blarney stones, lemon drops, key lime cheese cake, whoopee pies and a lime jello salad. The 60 attendees and 6 guests had fun grazing at the irresistible dessert orgy.

The stage quickly filled up with donations for the New Hampshire Humane Society, which pleased President Harriet Bicksler, as she knew the recipients would be very happy to receive the gifts. Next April, we are collecting old shoes for another animal rescue group called Second Chance Animal Rescue. Member Caroline Bailey already brought in 85 pairs of shoes. Yes, 85, by cleaning out her aunt's closet. We are a service club and do much for the community, even collect old shoes.

MWC Plans Scholarship Bake Sale - by Mil Toczko

Posted on March 2, 2017 at 3:20 PM

It's that time again and the Moultonborough Women's Club will be at the voting polls held at the Life Safety Building bright and early on Tuesday, March 14. Scholarship chair Libby Reichlen has organized the sale with Carol O'Hara and Barbara Palmer in charge. They will have warm muffins right out of the oven and coffee ready for the early bird voters that arrive at 7:00 a.m. Other members make up the energetic crew of volunteers, who provide home baked goodies all day long. Having a bake sale on election day is traditional with MWC and is a huge help in funding scholarships. Lat year MWC awarded $8,000 in scholarships totaling over many years an amazing amount of $168,350. We encourage adults who want to continue their education to apply for scholarship help. Applications can be had at the Moultonborough Academy or the Moultonborough Library and are due by April 15.

Fresh baked items will arrive through out the day with pies going fast. Seems we have many pie lovers and they are purchased swiftly. Coffee cakes, bundt cakes are and all sorts of bread are very popular too. We plan on having many frosted cakes, a variety of cookies and of course an assortment of brownies and I hope some of those famous whoopee pies. There will also be gluten free and some sugar free items, which are in demand today.  The community realizes it's all for a worthy cause and are very generous in their purchases. Come on in, look around have a free cup of coffee and take home something nice to treat your family.