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MWC Reveals an Unusual List of Items for Bidding

Posted on June 10, 2015 at 8:55 AM

Eloise Post going over catering plans with Carol Ross Bamberry, chairing with Jill Alexander

in the Big Summer Gala coming soon on Friday, June 12.


By Mil Toczko



The Moultonborough Women's Club has been busy planning their second summer silent auction scheduled for Friday, June 12, from 7-10 p.m., at the Lions Hall on Old Rt 109s. Carol Ross Bamberry and Jill Alexander have organized a large committee to bring a gala social engagement with live 50's music provided by Scot O'Brien, a cash bar and catered free, tasty morsels of appetizers by Eloise Post. It will be great fun to offer dancing to those who don't get enough. Dancing slippers are in order and dress attire will be casual. A Wine Pull will also take place, where everyone that participates is a winner. This is a brand new endeavor for us and should add some favorable fun. As if all this isn't enough to entice one, also taking place will be the main event featuring a silent auction. Procuring many unusual, interesting items to bid on has kept the large committee of dedicated workers very busy. Jill Alexander has compiled an exciting pleasing list of those items and here is a sampling: a free Pontoon boat rental for the day. Enjoy with family and friends as boat holds 15 people. Four tickets for the Mount Washington Cruise Line. A gourmet Italian dinner for four. Eighteen holes of golf at Ridgewood Country Club. A private yoga lesson at your home. Five tickets to ride Millie B on Lake Winnipesaukee. The boat is a mahogany Hacker Craft that will tour magnificent waterfront homes, boathouses, plus you will learn fascinating lake history at the same time. Another item is a family photography session outdoors with thirty edited digital images. This is just a sampling with new, worthwhile items arriving daily. Tickets are $20 per person and are going really fast. MWC is promising a good, fun time with tempting, gourmet hors d'oeuvres catered by Post. MWC is awarding $8,000 in scholarships this June and adding past amounts awarded since 1960 will bring the total to $160,350 thus far. Hard to believe this accomplishment is all due to some hard working women focused on the needs of its citizens and a wonderful, generous community. Find out more by going on our informative web site at:

Scholarship Awards Revealed at MWC Banquet

Posted on June 10, 2015 at 8:50 AM

By Mil Toczko



A new venue was in store for the Moultonborough Women's Club on June 1st, thanks to the efforts of Gayle Russell and Marlene Taussig, who planned the lovely event at Bald Peak Colony Club for our annual banquet. Wish I could say it was a glorious day to enjoy the gardens and vistas and sun dresses were in order, but it was not to be. Once again our New England weather played a trick on us with not only rain but brought a 20 degree colder day. MWC doesn't let these things faze them and always makes the best of a situation. Eighty members were present to enjoy a delightful gourmet luncheon with a professional service staff. Out going Co-President Trish Conley gave a synopsis of the two years both she and Eloise Post served. It was nice to remember those years and all they had accomplished taking on new challenges with gusto and determination. During a meaningful candlelight service, Parliamentarian Dotti Simpson explained the duties to each officer and their importance to the club. This ceremony of lighted candles and instructions has been an ongoing tradition for many years. MWC also has a club gavel, which has been handed down to use at meetings and has historical significance. It was hewn from an elm tree planted by Nathaniel Webster on his farm in nearby Franklin when it was an orphanage. New officers installed to serve were: President Harriet Bicksler, Vice President Barbara Hawkins, Recording Secretary Judi Soja, Corresponding Secretary Sue Bacon, Treasurer Pat Keegan. Directors: Carol Ross Bamberry, Mitzie Crowe, and Eloise Post.

Scholarship chair Mary Whiting was happy to report on the $8,000 recently awarded to local students. The lucky recipients were:

$2,000 each -

Rebecca Tgibedes

Chelsea Stockdale


$1,000 each -

Veronica Diltz

Jamie Mason

Tristan Price

Nicole Woodland


Seeing the need, MWC has been awarding scholarships to local students since 1960 and adding this new amount brings the total awarded throughout the years to $160,350. Shows what a handful of determined women can do by raising money mostly with bake sales and a few special events. Couldn't be done without the generous help of the Moultonborough community. Check out our web site for more at:

MWC Plans Banquet at Bald Peak

Posted on May 21, 2015 at 3:10 PM

Harriet Bicksler, in-coming new President with Eloise Post, out-going co-President of the MWC.


By Mil Toczko



Thanks to the efforts of Marlene Taussig and Gayle Russell we have a new venue for our annual Moultonborough Women's Club banquet, which will be held on Monday, June 1. These two ladies put their heads together and came up with a lovely menu for all to enjoy. This happens to be MWC 65th Anniversary and what could be nicer to celebrate our banquet at Bald Peak for the very first time? Gayle reports 80 reservations have been made and are now closed. At our May general meeting our Nominating Committee consisting of: Barb Koehler, Mitzie Crowe and Sue Bacon presented the club with a new slate of officers, which was unanimously voted in. Following tradition, Parliamentarian Dotti Simpson will be ready to install these club members who are eager to begin a new phase as officers. They are: President Harriet Bicksler, Vice President Barbara Hawkins, Recording Secretary Judi Soja, Corresponding Secretary Sue Bacon, Treasurer Pat Keegan, Directors 2016 Carol Ross Bamberry, 2017 Mitzie Crowe, and 2018 Eloise Post. New chairpersons to serve will be announced during this time for the coming year. Out going Scholarship chair Mary Whiting will announce the scholarship awards for the coming year and introduce Carole O'Hara, a new member, who will head up the scholarship committee.

After searching old records, we now have an accurate account of money donated throughout the years toward scholarships and are very pleased to announce that with the $8,000 given this June, the total reaches $160,350. All because of some devoted, hard working, caring women.

A "Spring Gala" will be coming up soon after our banquet.  On Friday, June 12 the Gala will be held at the Lions Hall. Carol Ross Bamberry and Jill Alexander two gifted organizers have teamed up and have been working for a few months with total immersion on this special event. This is our second silent auction and have an enthusiastic team with plenty of vim, vigor and vitality to make this evening even more exciting. Auction items have been arriving daily and they have a lovely, wonderful assortment of unusual items to offer the public. Tickets are a donation of $20 per person and are going fast so plan to get yours soon. There will be free appetizers, music for dancing and promises to be an exciting evening to draw a convivial and happy crowd of new and old friends. Interested in learning more? Go to our web site at

MWC Has Great Fun with Hats & Slippers

Posted on May 11, 2015 at 1:25 PM

Norma Taatjes entertains MWC with hats & slippers.


By Mil Toczko



The Moultonborough Women's Club met on Monday, May 4 for their monthly luncheon meeting at the Lions Hall.  Seventy five members and guests were present to enjoy a delightful spring lunch of hearty beef soup and choices of ham salad, chicken salad and tuna salad along with a nice, green salad provided by Chef Donna Grow and her well trained team.

Jill Alexander was in charge of bakers to provide delicious, decadent desserts. That group consisted of: Justine Cantone, Caroline Bailey, Sue Brown, Jean Heckman, Pat Vanderhoef, Joanne Wilhelm, Sarah Lindberg, Valerie Durland, Louise O'Donald. and Diane Schneider. The dessert table was full of nice surprises with fresh fruit, a delicious orange pudding, peanut butter cookies, cheese cake squares, fruit salad cake, wonderful lemon cup cakes, unbelievable brownies and mini cheese cakes. Such a wide variety on this bountiful table attracting much grazing.

Co-President Eloise Post had engaged humorist Norma Taatjes as entertainment and she wowed the club. Norma has entertained for the past 36 years and believes that laughter is the key to good health, lowering blood pressure, revitalizing and energizing ones physical and mental health, which in turn relieves stress and worry. She has lived in Milton, NH for the past 53 years, is a mother of five, grandmother of 16 and great grandma of two. Norma was hilarious with a collection of hats and the oddest, huge, sloppy slippers changing both often, which always brought more laughter. She had a huge collection of jokes and stories and the audience loved her.

Mitzie Crowe of the Nominating Committee read the new slate of officers and without any further ado, the slate was unanimously voted in. Our annual banquet is coming June 1 and we have Gayle Russell and Marlene Taussig to thank for making arrangements at Bald Peak, which will be a new venue adventure.

Carol Bamberry explained the "Wine Pull' and gave other details on the up-coming Summer Gala to be held on June 12 at the Lions Hall for a great, fun evening, which includes music, dancing and a silent auction. Many unique auction items are already coming in promising some delightful surprises and tickets are selling FAST at $20 p.p., be sure to get yours.

Mary Whiting and the scholarship committee will be going over applications for scholarships, which will total $8,000 this year. MWC members work hard all year to be able to award these large sums to Moultonborough students regardless of age. We also want to be sure to thank Mary Lamprey Baer, who happens to be the daughter of the founder of MWC Elizabeth K. Lamprey and was most thoughtful in her generosity to donate $250 to our scholarship fund at our 65th Anniversary party. She did the very same at our 60th Anniversary, both in remembrance of her mom. The town has been simply wonderful in their generosity during our fund raising events and we are very thankful to them. New library books will be purchased in memory of two dear members; Mackie Heinrich and Pat Putnam, who recently passed away. We have followed this policy for many years. Anniversary photos plus other interesting items are posted on our web site at:


MWC Plans Another Spring Gala Fundraiser

Posted on May 5, 2015 at 3:50 PM

Front row: Marcia Rauch, Mal Merrill, Eloise Post, Dotti Simpson, Carol Ross Bamberry

Back row: Diane Schneider, Judi Soja, Susan Knapik, Jill Alexander, Dawn Smith

By Mil Toczko



As usual, a lot is going on behind the scenes at the Moultonborough Women's Club. It's been two years since our first "Silent Summer Auction"; now big plans are forming with some new ideas to make it even a more fun evening for all to enjoy and at the same time raise needed money for our coffers. This challenging event is being Co-Chaired by Carol Bamberry and Jill Alexander assisted by a large, dynamite team. The gala, open to the public will take place on Friday evening June 12, at the Lions Hall on old Rt 109. Tickets are $20 per person, which will include free catered appetizers, dance music and some fantastic, unusual auction items to bid on. It's an inexpensive evening to have fun, enjoy friends and get out those dancing slippers.